Intelligent Security Systems Implementation

Our Smart City Security Systems are all encompassing and include but are not limited to airport security smart pass management, traffic and vehicle management, customs management, national registration systems, smart government, electronic revenue collection, service centers, archiving and business Intelligence.


How we will help you ?

Implement smart access control systems

With our dedicated security department that is always ready to provide a wide range of added-value services to your business. Our security personnel is responsible for aligning security systems with client goals, specifications, system blueprints, solution implementation, providing customers with unique know-how and industrial resources, and expertise in integrating complex infrastructure and security applications.

Roll out passports and national Identity cards

Aided by our secured documents portfolio of passports that conform to ICAO standards, smart national ID’s, secured cards, visas, and banknotes. Our solution also integrates biometric capturing devices, AFIS, border control, national registry, PKI, and much more.

Add-on surveillance and security

That grows as your business grows. From site consultation and system design to systems and software implementation, we provide a full-suite of solutions that can be added on flexibly as you’re security requirements grow. We offer advanced fire alarms, public address, Intercoms, parking guidance and audio visual systems, comprehensive turn-key projects, and ANPR.

Centralize all sub systems into one

By simplifying complex and high security protocols. Using the latest technologies and information security good practices, we provide safe and secure environments through our highly advanced security systems that range from facial recognition, CCTV monitoring, border control system, to command and control.


What We Do ?

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Secured Documents and NID’s

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Command and Control Systems

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Video Management & Analytics Systems

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Intelligent Scanning and Detection Systems

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Access Control and Barrier Systems

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Computer Aided Dispatch & Records Management

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Secure Communications Systems

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Tracking Systems (RFID, GPS)

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Radar and Sonar Systems

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Parking Solutions