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Leading the digital economy with great minds, ideas and imaginations.

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Based in Dubai with more than a decade of experience, SMARTCUBE is a world-class full cycle system integrator leading the IT Digital Transformation industry in the Middle East and especially in the United Arab Emirates.

SMARTCUBE provides multi-national clients with high-quality IT solutions through developing innovative software and services.

As innovators in business automation, we have built great history of Empowering and enabling clients run their businesses smarter and achieve greater success using ground-breaking solutions.

We believe that the technology has the power to change people lives, however the change has to be meaningful, a positive notion and ray of hope for the future. We strive for continuous improvement and ongoing support to our clients, building trust worthy relationship while upholding the principles of our company and that of our clients at the forefront.

Our Vision

To create a future that transforms the way we live.

Our Vision

To create a future that transforms the way we live.



We strive to build advanced, secure and economical solutions that will touch people’s everyday lives while upholding the highest standards of business ethics.

Smart cube


" We have never believed a client to be a separate entity. We blend with our client and consider them as our team member, a partner. This approach provides us with the capability to see a target system through the eyes of a customer.

In our approach we use the leading edge available technologies, but we do not forget that a transformation has to take place at the client’s environment. This keeps us focused that a smooth and gradual transformation takes place. We oversee the implemented system and keep a close eye so that we can fine tune every minor detail.

We provide means of client communication and keep 24/7 support services so that our clients do not feel alone while facing any challenge. ”

Smart cube



Our team of diverse professionals will always give their full support and go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results across all domains.


We value the notion of customized innovation to produce highly acclaimed and one of a kind award-winning projects.


We foster building trust and long-term relationships through positive feedback and experiences.


A team of intelligent problem-solvers ready to provide powerful yet simple solutions to complex business cases.


We take ownership and deep dive into every project to deliver excellence to help you innovate for growth.