Amin Passes Management System

Aeronnovation Awards Winner for Improving Aviation Security 2018



The Amin passes management is an award-winning system created for our prestigious client Dubai Airports that enables online users to register and request passes securely and swiftly. The system design features an innovative and authenticated e-Pass card connected to a highly secure network. Amin guarantees the highest security levels for access control of all sorts of inventory into and out of the airport.



change the process of obtaining airport passes for personnel and companies from completely manual to automated

Reduce the existing long waiting time to receive entry permits without compromising security.

The inability to track what is entering in and out of the airport in the form of products, goods and people.

The lack of reports and the manual process with which staff or companies entered and existed the facility

Eliminate the need to visit many places to get approvals



Airport Pass Management System APMS enrollment and issuing

Airport Driving Permit enrollment and issuing

TDP enrollment and issuing

Fines Module

Sharp items Module

Audit and Survey Module (AMIN Eye) on Smart Tablet

Mobile sticker

Training & Interview Module (ASP, ADP, TDP)

Events, Meetings and committee

Security Incident Module

Happiness Meter


Security Equipment

Online feedback

Dynamic Reporting

Integration (DP, Online payment, Sacs, cash system, DA, Volunteer System)


Security Trialed Management module





Security Equipment pass

highly secure system, which guarantees the highest levels of security.

Flexible enough to be able to adapt to changes in laws or additions to new airport security measures

Dynamic parameterized low code platform and Easily customizable

Simplify complicated high security access protocols by implementing the highest standards of User Experience

Innovative & authenticated e-Pass card connected to a highly secure system