Ministry of health and Prevention Success Story



As Ministry of health and Prevention delivering an excellent customer service in UAE and one of MOHAP digital transformation is Smart Forms portal which contained three of the major services (Birth and Death, health card, Fitness certificate). Smart Forms Portal solution replaces all the manual process, and fully system integrated with many government layers, and integrated with laboratory and radiology systems. With customer journey automation.



Number of services.

Processes complexity.

Fees Collection.

Number of required integration channels to accomplish the processes.

Data not centralized.

Types and specifications of reports according to the requested authorities.



MOHAP had selected Smart Cube Information Systems to conduct the System Analysis & Design and System Implementation & Integration for the services of following sections:

1- Birth & Death

2- Health Card

3- Fitness Application

During the project implementation, Smart Cube has shown its competence to:

Develop a dynamic Web-Based system to facilitate daily operations among the PMD Centers, laboratories, typing centers, hospitals, and customers.

Create a scalable centralized database.

Implement two-ways integration (G2G) with different authorities in the country.

Provide new functions to achieve customer satisfactions.

Support enquiry on centralized database by advanced search engine.

Develop a dynamic dashboard.

Develop specialized printing modules for Certificates & Barcode printers so that barcode labels can be printed from different locations.

Simplify the workflow and improve the speed of data exchange between the different systems.

Integrate with many laboratory system radiologist systems.

Implement various types of statistics & reports.

Implement SMS & Email notifications.