Award Winning ePass Management System

Security is one of the integral needs of the modern-day world. The two core steps of ensuring security i.e., Authentication and Authorization have been implemented using various tools and technologies. We are proud that through blend of various available technologies and advanced programming algorithm we are consider ePASS solution as a crown jewel in our wide range of products.


Key Elements

Given below are few key elements of our solution :

Our ePASS solution is a highly secured fully automated pass management system that allows individuals and companies to register and create access requests to restricted areas.

Simplifying complicated and high security access protocols for our clients through real-time data feeds and notifications via Smart Electronic devices with exceptionally advanced and secured programming technologies.

Smooth Integration with Microsoft outlook, emails, sms, access control gate systems, RFID technology, government entities, card issuance printers and spoolers.

Designed to be easily updated and to add new features seamlessly.