Best government payments experience by Seamless Awards 2020



AjmanPay is an award-winning visionary project created for the Department of Finance in Ajman, UAE. The payment and fee collection gateway aims to unify multiple payment methods for all government services to create a happier and well-serviced society. The AjmanPay solution replaces all cash transactions with smart payment methods, eliminating risks associated with the government's cash handling environment while settling fees, taxes, and customs duties.



Ensuring that Government Revenues are collected in a secure and trusted manner

Establishment of a unified Ajman Government fees directory

Generate standardized financial and digital receipts

Generate all types of automated statistical reports

Providing smart government services with speed and quality



A Unified Payment Portal

Flexible Payment Channels

10 Innovative Payment Options

Multi Payment Channels

SMS & Email Notifications

Easy Installment Plans

Dashboards and Statistical Reports