Government Systems Integration

Smart Cube is well-rounded to deliver complete government business solutions and information technology services by successfully combining cutting edge technological solutions with traditional ones into a single, seamless system. The art of combining legacy systems with the new ones is not common and we are proud to carry a flagship for keeping citizens happy as a result of our automation efforts. Being a pure-performance system integrator, we deliver the best in the market solutions to clients with our custom-built, state-of-the-art and matter-of-fact approach.

Government and Semi-Government

Systems Integration

Government and semi government organization require a specialized approach for the solutions delivery. While they are set in their business practices, rules and regulations, our specialized methods and years of system integration experience are mirrored in the success we have accomplished in implementing projects. Strategic alliances with top technology firms enable us to deliver attractive integration services.

No government solution can work with optimum performance till it is robust and scalable as the volumes of data that must be processed are generally heavy. Therefore, our focus are the systems that are designed to be scalable, robust, innovative, and results oriented.

Smart Cube’s Systems Integration Advantages:

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IT consulting based on years of integration experience

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Best minds under one platform generating best possible technological know-how

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Years of experience for Technical Project management and Human Resource management

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Adherence to strict principals for Quality Assurance

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Commitment to On-time Delivery

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Best practices adapted for Staff Training


Web Portals

Web portals are the most common means of delivery of services to the citizens. We focus on the cutting-edge technologies; however, we also consider that the end system is user friendly that a person with any education level could access the system without any hassle.

The web over the period of years has evolved from a single page static content website to a dynamic multi page environment. We have carried and followed the principle of “Sharpen the saw” and evolved our company with the changing technological needs. From normal static pages to Full Stack development, we are equally well versed with any technological platform.

While designing the web solutions, we strictly follow the steps as provided below

Deployment plan creation

High-level portal design

Low-level portal design

Implementation and verification of trial portal

Production and deployment

Ongoing monitoring and fine tuning

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the key part of every one’s life. From social media apps to business apps, we spend an integrated life with the mobile applications. We possess an excellent team that can deliver integrated mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile application platforms come well integrated with Business Intelligence based analytics, Google maps and Augmented reality features where desired.

We focus the following while designing any mobile application :

High Quality User Experience



Payment Gateway Integration

AI Advanced Analytics

QR and Barcode Scanner Integration

Once Click Contact

Google Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Augmented Reality

Social Integration

Push Notifications

Feedback System

Payment Gateway

A connected world demands connected systems. We design our solutions that incorporate the financial transaction integrations at all levels. Our web and mobile application are supported by our development efforts that play the role of Payment gateways to integrate with all the major financial applications of the world.

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Agile Business Intelligence

No solution is complete without the dataset being present in comprehendible manner. We possess excellent skill set that can mine your data and identify the trends through cutting-edge tools. We possess great expertise for data mining and can present your data using tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. You always get a bird’s eye View of your projects and businesses.

The relevant features operational decision-making and strategic planning in all our solutions are:

Cloud-based and mobile ready

Real-time data feeds

Easy visualization

Scheduling of dashboard information

Cross-platform access

Customized notification options

User and team data view permissions.