Smart Cube  will be transferring the knowledge to the Client staff. Knowledge transfer can only be achieved through a comprehensive and structured education program which enables all users of the new system to fully embrace new technology, workflows and processes which bring both organizational and personal benefits.

The education process commences with a training needs analysis for all users to ensure their training is relevant to their role and will enable them to carry out the tasks they will be required to do in their work, the results of which form part of the comprehensive education program that begins with detailed training for the Client Project Team and concludes with an extensive education plan for end-user training covering all aspects of the project. The training needs analysis will require a collaborative approach incorporating the Client staff and ourselves the outcome will identify the following : -

·         Who will learn?

·         When will they learn?

·         What skills do they need to learn?

·         Who will undertake the learning for each class or course?

·         How long will it take to learn the skills by individual, by department, and throughout the organization?

·         How will the knowledge acquisition and skill level be measured and documented?

·         What facilities and resources will be needed for the learning environment?

·         How will learning continue for new employees after implementation?


All classes are designed to be instructor-led, hands-on, interactive sessions for initial formal training prior to live implementation the program will include supporting education material relevant to the course as well as job aids for their role.

To ensure training is successful, The Client in conjunction with Smart Cube must complete a set of standard education activities and tasks. These tasks are based on a defined project scope and form a significant part of the mutually agreed project plan.

The Client will provide an Education Coordinator who will manage the education-related activities for the project and would liaise with the individual training/education personnel to ensure that training programs for new staff include the appropriate training aspects for the new system. Smart Cube  will work in collaboration with the Client Education Coordinator to ensure all education milestones are completed.

The Education begins with the participation of the Project Team or appropriate staff and it is assumed that this team will remain intact for the duration of the roll out.

After the completion of training, all the training material (presentations, training manuals, user manuals, operating manual, and any handouts) will be handed over to the Client for future references and for any future in-house training.