System Development


Smart Cube main objectives  is to deliver high quality systems , provide strong management controls over the projects, and maximize the productivity of the systems staff.

In order to meet these objectives Smart Cube has many specific requirements it must meet, including:


-          being able to support projects and systems of various scopes and types

-          supporting all of the technical activities

-          supporting all of the management activities

-          being highly usable, and providing guidance on how to install it


The technical activities include:

system definition (analysis, design, coding), testing,

system installation (e.g., training, data conversion),

production support (e.g., problemmanagement), defining releases, evaluating alternatives, reconciling information across

phases and to a global view, and defining the project's technical strategy.

The management activities include: setting priorities, defining objectives, project

tracking and status reporting, change control, risk assessment, step wise commitment,

cost/benefit analysis, user interaction, managing vendors, post implementation reviews, and quality assurance reviews.

In order to meet all of the SDLC's objectives and requirements there are certain design

approaches that are required: the SDLC must be an example of a system created using the

techniques it espouses; it must use a layered approach to analysis, design, installation

support and production support; it must keep distinct the "what" from the "how" in

regards to doing the tasks and creating the outputs; and it must organize its information in

a hierarchical manner so that users with varying degrees of familiarity can find what they

want easily and quickly.

Defining or selecting an SDLC should be undertaken as a project with full time resources

who have the appropriate level of expertise. It is an extremely high leverage effort. It also represents a major cultural change

for the staff. It must be planned and executed in as professional a manner as possible