Support & Maintenance

Smart Cube offers the following support services for their clients :

·         Support Strategy –S3  Focal Support Partner

·         Support Strategy –S3 Support Centre

·         Support- Reporting & Monitoring

·         Support- SLA’s

·         Smart Cube  make sure that all incidents must be acknowledged either:

-       During the initial telephone contact with the allocation of the unique incident reference number to the customer or 

-         within 30 minutes of the customer's sending an e-mail or intranet record reporting the incident.

·         The IT services will calculate the end-to-end service availability using information it gets from monitoring the service, and

           IT will notify the customer of the service availability figures by the sixth day following the end of the measurement period.

           1.       Report in correct format.

           2.       Correct number of copies received.

           3.       .Report received by the customer contract manager by the sixth day of the following month.

·         Reports to be provided on demand.

·         Service review and determination of any associated changes and new requirements in light of reports produced.