Vehicle Registration System

Vehicle Registration System is fundamental module of Smart Cube Road Transport Management Solution, which automates the Vehicle Registration process and makes it a very smooth, effortless and secure process. This system handles the vehicle registration and vehicle related transactions and provides certificate printing and delivery capabilities.

 It provides the following functionalities:

·         Vehicle Information Registration

·        Vehicle Registration Renewal

·         Vehicle Owner Information Registration

·        Issuing the Vehicle Registration Card

·         Issuing lost and defect Vehicle Registration card replacement

·        Transfer of Ownership

·         Handling of new and used vehicles including customs certification

·         Managing importing and exporting and re-exporting vehicles

·         Handling all types of vehicles (passenger, heavy vehicles, public transportation, government-owned vehicles, etc…)

·         Any change related to vehicle design, engine or color, tinted glass, addition of curtains, markings, height of sides

·         Vehicle Scrapping

·         Vehicle relocation