Surveillance Cameras and Video Management System

Smart Cube provides the most advanced Surveillance Cameras and Video Management Systems from the industry’s leading companies, especially Milestone.

Most important features of our VMS:

- Open Platform – Our systems are compatible with hundreds of different types of cameras and can be integrated with many different 
  system, including Video Analytics and Access Control

- Software based – using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Hardware (COTS) – No more worrying about replacing proprietary boxes and
   easy upgrades, (NVRs also available for some projects) |

- Highly Scalable, Stable & Secure – Your system grows with you, without limits (1,000s of camera systems)  – High Redundancy
  Supported, including “System Monitor”

- Server/Client Architecture – including 64-bit compatibility and Federated Hierarchy 

- Different versions for different needs/budgets – customized, not “one-size-fits-all”, easy licensing 

- Advanced Use of networked storage systems (SAN, NAS), Archiving and Exporting

- Sophisticated Alarm/Event Management, Timeline Review  and Map Integration

- Supports secure web and mobile (iPhone, Android) access

- Accept high megapixel cameras, multi-streaming and Edge Storage - unlike analog DVR (max res. D1)