Intelligent Scanning and CBRNE Detection Systems

Smart Cube offers the fullest portfolio of high technology scanners and detectors utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies in the world, including X-Ray Backscatter, Millimeter Waver and Terahertz systems, in addition to other more basic systems that are still the best in their classes, including:

A. People Scanning Systems

•    X-Ray Portals
•    Passive Stand-off long range scanners
•    Cast-Prosthetic Scanners
•    Body Orifice Scanners
•    Walk through metal detectors
•    Hand Held Scanners

B. Vehicle Scanning Systems

•    Fixed Portals and Gantries
•    Passenger Car Portals
•    Container Scanners
•    Mobile Systems and Vans
•    Under-Vehicle Scanning Systems

C. Baggage, Parcel & Mail Scanners

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Narcotics and Explosives Detectors (CBRNE) for people, vehicles, air borne/HVAC System Protection, Water Safety, etc.