Picture Archiving and Capturing System

In collaboration with worldwide healthcare solution providers, Smart Cube introduces PACS a medical digital imaging solution that consists of a network of computers dedicated to the storage, retrieval, distribution and presentation of 2D and 3D images. The medical images are stored using independent disks with unique or different formats.

Towards a powerful file storage, RAID technology is used invest larger file storage and ensure high data availability with error detection and file recovery features.

Smart Cube integrates PACS with the Hospital Information System as a whole system ensuring integrity in the delivery of images. Remote Access Services are accompanied with the PACS for Telemedicine solutions the hospital aims to communicate with. The system can be configured for image acquisition, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine printing as well as statistical reporting and PKI services.



Enterprise PACS Solution

The enterprise PACS suite is the most comprehensive PACS solution in marketplace, supporting multi specialties for images from multi-discipline sites, connecting multi-modalities, running on multi-platform.

Enterprise PACS is designed to provide a filmless environment, ranging from small radiology imaging centers, radiology department, and up to enterprise-wide facilities.

Enterprise PACS  suite boasts scalability for flexible PACS configurations, compatibility for communicating with existing systems, and reliability for outstanding performance.

Mini-PACS Solutions

Mini-PACS solution provides medical facilities the opportunity to have instant access to Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine studies without an upfront investment in equipment, personnel and training. This service captures Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine information from your imaging equipment and makes it instantly accessible to your staff. The service provides an excellent solution for managing digital radiology information without the investment that would be needed for a full PACS system.

Offshelf Archiving Solutions

The off-shelf archiving solution provides your facility with the ability to duplicate a patient`s studies quickly and efficiently. Perfect for providing images to referring physicians, patients and special back-up needs. The off-shelf archiving solution is fully automated, transferring a patient`s Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine images onto a CD/DVD, as well as printing a label with the patient name and creation date. A customized label can also be printed.