Medical Fitness Management System

What is MFMS?

Further to the company’s goal of helping governments in the development of appropriate e-Government systems, Smart Cube has developed the Medical Fitness Management System (MFMS) to facilitate the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) procedures in controlling the contagious diseases in their country. Utilizing leading-edge technology, Smart Cube has designed the software based on the regulations that governments have stipulated over granting residency to expatriates and the condition that these expatriates are free from any communicable disease.

The Medical Fitness Management System is an Intranet based application, which automates the complete cycle of testing and certifying an applicant who needs the medical fitness certificate.

The Preventive Medicine Department (PMD) in MOH is responsible for the control of communicable diseases. The PMD is in charge for testing people who apply for a residency (new or renew) for communicable diseases. If the applicant was found to be free from any disease, the PMD will issue him/her a Medical Fitness Certificate, which is a basic document to be presented for obtaining a residency.


Who are the applicants?

·  The Normal Group

 Will only be tested for HIV and sometimes chest x-ray

·  The Food Handlers Group

 Will only be tested for HIV and sometimes chest x-ray


System Modules

·         Administration Module

·         Reception Module

·         Blood Collection Module

·         Physician Module

·         Laboratory Module

·         X-Ray Module

·         Stool Test Module

·         Vaccination Module

·         Preventive Medicine Manager Module



·   Using State-Of-The-Art Technology will provide a high technological effect and impact on both employees and applicants elevating

    moral and enhancing the work environment.

·   Elimination of cash management at all Preventive Medicine Department locations, resulting in tremendous savings in the cash


·   Reducing and eliminating fraud, theft and errors, which are usually, associated with cash transactions.

·   Elimination of the need for data entry since all data will be automatically entered into the system via the Smart Forms.

·   Reducing paper forms used in the manual process and eliminating all problems associated with the use of paper (loss, filing, etc…)

·   Having a complete and accurate database of all applicants with the tests performed and their results.

·   Generating statistical reports on daily, monthly and yearly basis.