Hospital Information System

Smart Cube has partnered with international companies to provide highly-managed hospital information systems with a comprehensive interface that is focused on management of administrative, financial and clinical aspects of hospitals. The aim of HIS is to use a network of computers to collect, process and retrieve patient care and administrative information from various departments for all hospital activities to satisfy the functional requirement of the users. A hospital system consists of modules that handle laboratory, nursing, pharmacy and radiology information as well as user management configurations, with medical archiving facilities for the digital health records.

Key Features


Electronic Patient Folder :  EPF is a repository of clinical information; it provides doctors with a historical and episodical view of patient’s illness.

Clinical Systems:  Doctors and nurses can access case sheets, maintain notes, reports of diagnostic tests where all clinical areas like laboratory, phlebotomy, cardiology, radiology etc are completely automated.

Patient Administration & Billing Systems: Allow the hospital to manage a large no of patients. Outpatients can get information regarding a doctor’s availability, test procedures and tariffs. It also provides a Bed management and a detailed bill of all the services rendered.

Material Management System: For efficient inventory management in the hospital additionally, it provides a large number of critical reports which can keep track of materials in the hospital.

Laboratory Information System: Gets requisition from care providers and create a work list where the requisitions are color coded. It also provides detailed reports that streamline the process from test requisition to result reporting, in addition to detailed reports on consumption and wastage of reagents.

Enterprise Management Systems: It provides services like maintenance of tariffs, raking medical reports, patient files and organization wide reporting. This enables security and access control features to the system.

Interfaces: The HIS can be interfaces to standard 3rd party software such as PCS, HR and financial accounting and it can be interfaced with an EPABX system.

Reports: The HIS system offers an exhaustive collection of MIS reports, which include critical reports such as ; Average length of stay, List of outstanding bills, revenue-doctor wise and department wise expiry items etc…