Services and Packages

This module is used to define services, fees, rules, packages in a fully dynamic way under any service structure for each government entity.

It gives the government entity the ability to identify and manage its services under the Service structure they wish to employ. This module supplies government entity with a dynamic environment to build any different service fees of all fees types; Fixed, formula conditional fees with any number of variables that affect the fees amount.

Penalties, discounts and taxes rules applied for each service can be defined in a  dynamic builder. These can be later assigned to service or even to fees of service.

This module provides the ability to define packages, which include set of services defined in different government entities in one package. Accordingly different business rules, discounts rules can be applied to the package level.


• Unlimited leveling service structure
• Defining services for sub governmental entities in order to which facilitate revenue reporting on this level.
• Versioning control for service modification along with logging all history modification.
• Full dynamic environment builder to define Fees and its variables.
• The existing of fee payment type function opens the gate of integration with other government entities. 
• Ability to package set of services of different businesses to be paid once.
• All types of rules can be identified dynamically  and assigned for  three levels (fees , Services and packages)