E-payment Gateway

The Online Internet Portal will allow the service consumer to pay the services fee using different payment methods like:

• credit card
• Scratch cards
• E-wallet
• e-voucher

It also allows the government cashier to accept payments using

• smart cards
• Cheques

Via listed payment channels:

• Kiosk
• Mobile

The payment system calculates the fees per payment transaction or payment method based on predefine payment rules for every government institution and display for the service consumer, he can pay in multi payment method in one payment transaction of different currencies and calculate the local currency according the latest conversion rate and print the receipt through the web based interface. Each payment method has levels of security like security code and virtual token or physical e-token.|


Our payment system is highly scalable and open for integration with any payment equipment (POS) and register a payment transaction between government entities. It can also be integrated with Oracle E-business suite or any government finance backend system.