E- Wallet System

E-Wallet grants the government a secured pre collected way of e-payment transactions without any physical cash.

This module provides the ability to define and manage E-wallet accounts as well as grant a high level of accounts security and maintainability.

It provides all types of service consumers (institution and individuals) with the ability to have their own E-wallets accounts as well as easy means of usage,  loading, inquiry within secured and safe conditions.

E-wallet can be rechargeable by different methods such as Credit / Debit cards, direct bank account and scratch off cards. Transferring balance from master E-wallet to another is available feature.

All payment transactions by an E-wallet will be logged. Whenever a transaction takes place, money is withdrawn from the account linked to the e-wallet. 


   •    Identify and manage E-wallet accounts for service consumers Institutions and individuals.
   •    Eliminating risks associated with cash handling.
   •    Balance inquiry and Statement of Account report ability.
   •    PIN Code and highly secured methods for E-wallet.
   •    Multi methods for loading and reloading
        (Bank account, Credit/Debit Cards, scratch off cards and transferring from other E-wallets)
   •    Fully logged transaction for e-payment and loading transactions.