The importance of Cashier shift management is to order all payment transactions under certain shifts. Online payments will be under 24/7 opening shift.

This module is to manage details of opening a shift, closing a shift and clearing a shift. This enables the  supervisor to audit and approve/reject opening and closing a shift by the cashier.

In addition of keeping a history of any shift that was closed with an excess or shortage, it facilitates the ability to clear any abnormally closing to a shift. Shifts can be monitored by supervisors according to their granted privileges responsibilities. Cashiers can do Fund out/in if needed between each other.


• Opening and closing shifts under supervision according to the organization structure.
• Managing multi currencies under each shift as government entity configuration.
• Facilitates tracing payment shift transaction under which shift and cashier with exact time and date.
• Monitor all payment methods output (cash, cheques, e-receipts)
• Fund out/in between cashiers