Card Management System

Card management system allows the cards issuer to manage smart card issuing, blocking, and managing their transactions along with the balances.

System provides the following:

• Card Holder Management:
Cardholder Information, Issuance and Renewal of the Card information, Updating Cardholder profile, and Membership level upgrade.

• Card Personalization Management:
Cardholder Information to be printed and loaded on the card whether for new issuance, renewal, or replacement.

• Card Life-Cycle Management:
Cover the whole life cycle of the card starting from issuing the cards, renewal, replacement, blocking, up to the end of life status.

• Account Management:
Card Holder Information, Creditor Balance, Debtor Balance, Statement Information, and Statements Generator to be ready for sending by E-Mail or Postal Mail.

• Transaction Management:
Statement of all debit and credit transactions for each account.

• Program Management:
- E-Points
- E-Purse
- Discount
- Membership

• Maintenance Module:
Maintenance and periodically backup of the whole system.  

• Analysis Module:
Complete detailed statistical and analysis reports, which related to Sales and Marketing, Point’s flow, activity monitoring and revenue, Promotions… etc.

• Integration with other system (ERP, CRM and security)