K12NET System

Education System

K12NET is school administration software with comprehensive, integrated modules which covers a wide variety of K12 level organizations ‘needs based on the country’s educational rules.

System Modules:

   -   Grade Book:  Grading Assignments, Marketing Values, Students Grades and Period Attendance.
   -   Counseling:  Visit Management and Visits notes
   -   Communication:  Portal messaging, Test Messages, Email, User Alerts, Surveys, Agenda and Attachments
   -   Health: Visit Management, Visit Notes and Medical History
   -   Instructional Services:  Learning Standards, Curriculum Structure, Learning Materials Management, Individual Learning
       Plans, Lesson Planning, Web Delivery and Tracking.
  -   Students Information System:  Attendance, Calendar and Term, Behavior, Enrollments, Scheduling, Students, Staff  Assignments and Inventory Management
   -   Transportation and Geographic Information:  Bus Info, Route Info, Student Route Info and GPS Integration
   -   Reporting and Analysis:  State Reporting and Federal Reporting